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Free, confidential and individualized services

Pregnancy Test

Wonder if you're pregnant? We offer a pregnancy test at no cost to you.There is no income requirement or insurance needed.

Options Counseling

Feeling overwhelmed? We are here to listen and empower you with viable options to address your unique circumstances.

Adoption Support

Need parenting options? We work with multiple adoption agencies and are here for you through the difficult decision of how you would like to parent your child. If you choose to place your child in a loving home through modern adoption, we can walk through your many options of how involved you'd like to be in your child's life, the parents you would like to choose, and the financial resources you need to make that happen at no cost to you.

Parenting Help

Unexpected Pregnancy? We can help! Our parenting groups and one-on-one mentorship with moms address your specific concerns, and our parenting phone app puts parenting advice at your fingertips!

Baby Items

We can help with everything you need to bring baby home! We can help with a complete layette, including infant clothes, diapers, baby shampoo and lotion, blankets, miscellaneous and larger items on an as-needed basis. Come see us today!

Mentorship for Fathers

Our fatherhood program helps dads look at their experience with your own father, learn the skills needed to be a great dad, and better understand the important role you as a dad play in the life of your children. We discuss co-parenting and the mother-father relationship as it relates to parenting. 


Need confirmation? Our no-cost ultrasound is a diagnostic tool to determine if you have a viable pregnancy. Our medical doctors can confirm your pregnancy by checking for your baby's heartbeat, placement, and how far along you are in pregnancy.

After Pregnancy Support

We are here for you! We provide emotional support throughout pregnancy and as long as you need us!

STI Testing/Treatment

Sterling Location | First Monday of Every Month: 2pm - 4pm
Brush Location | First Tuesday of Every Month: 2pm - 4pm

Community Assistance Referrals

We listen, we care, and we provide the resources you need at no cost to you. We work with other local organizations to provide you with the community and financial resources you need as you create a stable future for yourself and your baby.

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